Uber is offering Rs 250 per Referral.All you know about What is Uber.Uber is suber cab service,You can ride with uber in your cities.Here i am posting unlimited free Ride Trick for Uber,Main part of this trick is everytime users have to verify their account,but with this trick you can create account without verifing So Read full post below:

Steps To Get Unlimited Free Ride From Uber :

PART 1 : To Get Referral Code follow below steps or if you have uber account and referral code then skip this part.

1.Now Download Uber App From Here.

2.Register there,Enter your email,number,Name and password.

3.On next screen  Verify your account with paytm or credit card.

4.Boom ! Your account has successfully created.

5.Go to menu(from upper left corner) >> Promotional.

6.Enter Referral code : Rechargetue  Apply it.

NOTE : Must enter this referral code or other referral code for getting free ride worth 250.

7.Go to Menu >> Free Ride from there copy your referral code.

PART 2 -For Unlimted Trick

Requirments :

>>Fake Location App 

>>Xposed Installer


1.Firstly Download Fack Location App From Above.

Note : You have to change your location as Kolkata with location spoofer,because uber has added cash service only for kolkata users so now kokata users have no need to verify account with paytm or credit card.Also if you are kolkata user then you have no need to change your location.

2.Put your Device Gps On and disable wifi.Allow Mock Location by going to Setting >> Developer Option,There tick on allow mock location.

3.Open fackgps app,On top search kolkata with search bar,Then set your location to kolkata by tapping on orange button.

4.Install Xposed installer and xprivacy app.

5.Open Xposed Installer App, Goto Framework options and click on install/update.

6.Now wait until it installs its binaries and ask you to reboot your device. When it ask to reboot your device click on Ok button.

7.After completion of reboot, Open Xposed Installer again and goto modules, check (mark) Xprivacy Option there.

8.Now Clear Data of Uber app.

9.Open Xprivacy Click on Uber icon,there you will find Phone Option tick mark on it.After that Go to menu by clicking on there horizontal points on upper right side,Click setting.Now click on "Randomize Now" option and save it from upper right side.

10.Open Uber APP and and register with fake number,fake email,enter password.

11.Again Go to Menu >> Promotional and enter your main referral code.

12.That's it !  you will get free Rs 250 in main accounts and Worth 250 off free ride in new account.

13.Now Again follow step 8th to 11th and enter your main referral code,Do it unlimited times for unlimited free ride.

NOTE : This Trick is for educational purpose only. Try this Trick at your Own Risk. WE are not responsible if anything wrong happens with you.


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