All of you know hike app is offering free 100 MB data on referring friends and 20 data on joining.Here are big loot with this trick you can loot unlimited data from hike with single Number.Here are All Steps For Loot Unlimited Data Recharge :

Steps To Get Unlimited Data :

1.Firstly Download Hike app from here to get 20 Mb free data.

2.Open app and click on Get Started.

3.Put your number and then click next.

4.You will receive 4 digit pin in your number,enter that.

5.On next screen enter your name and age.

6.Boom! You will get Free 20 Mb in your reward section.

7.Click on menu (in right corner) There click on Invite friends.Copy your referral link from there.

Unlimited Data Trick with Single Number :

1.Open Rooted Bluestacks and put your referral link in default browser.

2.It will redirects you in Play store from there download Hike Messenger.

3.Open app register with your other number.You will 100 Mb in your main hike account.

4.Uninstall hike and open bs tweaker and change GUID,ANDROID ID,GOOGLE ADV ID.Now Restart bluestacks.

5.Again follow 1st and 2nd steps then For Registration Put any two random digits before your number which you used in 3rd step.
like in 3rd step you register with 9950171243
then for unlimited times put any two random digits(every time different) before this number
xx9950171243 where xx=11,12.....99.
Then at the time of verification click on call me,pick up call,listen 4 digit pin then enter that.

After Every Registration Repeat 4th step and keep changing two digits before number,Do it for unlimited times.

6.Boom ! With this trick you can redeem unlimited data.For redemption click on MENU>>REWARDS/EXTRA>>DATA REWARDS,there Click Get Data Pack and fill your operator details and redeem suitable data pack.

You can also Redeem talktime instead of data pack for this fill wrong oprator then redeem it,you will see that your recharge is unsuccessfull and you can redeem talktime click on that there your talktime will be half of your data earning there enter your circle,operator,suitable amount then redeem it you will get Talktime instead of Data.

Proof My Data Earning In  30 minutes :


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