Tuesday, 13 October 2015

One Click Phone Identity Changer (IMEI,ANDROID ID,ADV ID,SERIAL,WIFI MAC & SSID)

All of you change imei,android id,advertisement id,Bluetooth mac,Wifi Mac & SSID to spoof app with different apps.With this process your time waste a lot.So Guys we are here with a app from which you can change all privacy value of your phone on one click and you can also back up and restore your phone privacy values with single click.Follow All Steps Below :

Note : In Some Phones This App is not change privacy values so check it own.Our all team members Phone this app is working properly.

How To Change All Privacy Value Of Phone One Click

1.Visit Here to Download Device Id Changer App.

Note : This is pro version of app which costs INR 191 in Playstore,but we are sharing it for free.

To See It On Playstore Visit Here

2.Install it in your phone.

3.Open Xposed Installer,Go To Module,Tick in front of Phone Id Changer.

4.Now Go back in xposed and click on framework,There Under Reboot Section click on Soft Reboot.

5.App Activation Process is now done.

How To Change Phone Privacy Values With Device Id Changer App

1.Open Device Id Changer.

2.There if you change any value individually then simple click on Random in front of it.If you want to change all Privacy values like imei,android id,advertisement id,Android serial,Bluetooth mac address,Wifi Mac & SSID then simple click on Random All Button.

3.After Randomize values then click on Apply Button.

4.Done!!Reboot your phone.But Next time whenever you will change your phone privacy values then you have no need to reboot your phone again,privacy values will simply change automatically.

5.For Back up your current privacy values which you can restore any time,Under Back up Current Info,Give any name to backup file then Click on Backup Button.

6.For Restore Privacy Values from Back Up File Go To Restore Section,Select your back up file which you want to restore then click on Restore Button.

7.Enjoy And Keep Visiting.

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